Location: Corfu Town

The Museum of Asian art is a museum in the Palace of St. Michael and St. George and it’s the only museum in Greece dedicated to the art of Asia. It contains exquisite collections from Asian countries. Built in 1819-1864 (established in 1927), the building has a long history as it has been used for many official political purposes such as Headquarters of the British Commission and the Headquarters of the Ionian Senate, as well as the Greek Royal Family’s summer residence. The majority of the exhibits are donations from prominent Greek citizens, the Municipality of Corfu and the National Archaeological Museum.
What you can find there:

  • Collections and contents: Chinese artifacts from the Ming, Sung, Tcheou, Chang, Han, Wei, Ch’ing dynasties, Japanese artifacts such as weapons and masks and artifacts from Pakistan, India, Nepal, Tibet, Cambodia, Korea, Thailand and Siam. Furniture, portraits, medals, paintings and relics of the presidents of the Ionian Senate and of the particular era.
  • Additional activities: periodical exhibitions

Opening Times
Tuesday to Sunday: 08:00 – 15:00

Τ: +30 26610 30443, 20193
F: +30 26610 30425