Location: Gastouri

The Achillion Palace was built in 1889-1891 as the home of Princess Elisabeth von Witelsbach of Austria (known as Princess Sissy). Princess Sissy was captivated by Greek Mythology and thus named the mansion “Achillion” after the Greek mythological hero Achilles.

Throughout the palace and its grounds there are statues of the Olympian gods and the 9 musses. A huge statue of Achilles stands in the gardens, and another on the outdoor stairwell. On the terrace there are busts of Greek writers and scholars. Inside the palace much of the furniture is engraved with Greek gods and mythological tales. After Princess Sissy’s death Kaiser Wilhelm II bought the palace and used it as his summer house till WWII. The Achillion Palace is located a short distance from Corfu Town, in the settlement of Gastouri.


Location: Gastouri


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