Location: English Barracks Building, Old Fortress

The Public Library of Corfu is the oldest public library in Greece. It’s beginning is dated back in the mid of the 18th century. The library operates continuously for over three centuries and has in its possession remarkable collections and books of inestimable historical value, with the oldest ones dating back to the 1480!
Today the public library of Corfu has more than 13.000 members.

Equipped with a well maintained Info-Center, with three computers specially adapted for people with disabilities and e-book readers (kindles) that can me borrowed for 20 days loan.

Recently the library has opened an event hall to the public and organizes events, exhibitions and lectures.

Location: English Barracks Building, Old Fortress
Contact: Tel: 26610 38583, Fax: 2661038195
E-mail: plicorfu@otenet.gr
Opening hours
Mon: 08:30-19:00
Tue: 08:30-14:30
Wed: 08:30-19:00
Thu-Fri: 08:30-14:30